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At Mastak  work a dedicated team works daily to ensure your wishes and dreams are fullfilled. The name Mastak has not been chosen accidentally. the main leather master – Vitaly Halyas – can proudly be called Mastak, in Ukrainian a title of honour for those who are true professional craftsmen. Vitaly takes the lead of the team supervising all design and work that are needed to produce your,  handmade leather wallets handmade leather bags, briefcases, backpacks, and your made to order leather items.

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Vitaly comes from the Carpatian mountain area, where leather tanning has been a tradition for centuries. His current workplace Lviv has a long history as a trade centre dating back before the Austro Hungarian years and the city vibrates with young energy mixed with the feel of the twenties, when professional handicraft was valued. His designs have roots in these golden years with a modern twist, making his leather goods unique in styling and durability.

Natalya Dovhanich is the mother of the company, leading her team in customer service and sales and is your partner for all your questions. Her English is perfect so do not hesitate to contact her, she is there to help. Also from the Carpathian area she has a degree in Language philology and is used to solve complex puzzles. Her career led to marketing and sales and she is together with Vitaly founder of the company. Together they take pride in their products and in serving you.

The Mastak leather workshop is located in Lviv and we have modern machinery at our disposal. Mastak also has most items on stock there.


Mastaks philosophy for handmade leather wallets and handmade leather bags

In their view perfect leather product exists only in the head of its future owner, your dreams should be fullfilled and that is our work: each leather product is a personal project of the future owner. For standard products a combination of colors for leather wallets and leather bags leather can be chosen. You can always suggest your own ideas and Mastak is frequently asked to produce custom made leather goods.

Handmade leather wallets

Handmade leather wallets from Mastak will accommodate all kinds of banknotes, cards (6 to 15) and coins. All models make lieve more comfortable to organanise and keeppassport, tickets and money. Most of Mastal wallets made of genuine leather can be used by males and females alike. Through an extensive color palette you can choose the model and the color that will be most functional for you.

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Handmade leather accessories – as you wish

Whale produces custom made leather accessories for hairdressers, hunters, collectors coins and a variety of other applications.