Handmade leather bags Lviv Mastak Leather

Select you perfect present from Ukraine: handmade leather bags Lviv. In Ukraine Mastak is a popular expression for “Master of trade”. The word is used for trained and skilled craftsmen, who are good at making craftwork themselves. Today we call this: handmade. Therefore the name of our workshop is not a coincidence.

Our main master – Vitaly Halyas – a real Mastak can do everything: a hand made leather wallets, handmade leather bags, briefcases, backpacks, and and original accessories. All handmade leather goods are his trade
It all started with the school where he started learning the leather working craft. He dreamt of designing and making his own collection of leather goods and will be thrilled to help you with your individual wishes!

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Perfect custom made handmade leather bags and other custom made leather goods

Mastak has developed and continues to work on leather bags that can satisfy even the most demanding customer. We also regulary make custom made products!

Select the desired design, model, size, color, and discuss with Vitaly. We can  also give new life something you already posess but is worn out or needs modification.

You can order a wide range of products of leather, leather bags, wallets, briefcases, backpacks, travel bags, leather straps for watches, leather cases for laptops, tablets, leather wallets, covers for passports and so forth. Think leather you wish, what color, and try to find images or make a drawing yourself. Sophisticated design – that’s halfway to fine leather goods.

Mastak can make a private collection with your company logo. This will be an origninal gift for your employees or customers.  We work only with natural skin and therefore do not fulfill orders for other materials.

Delivery times are depending on the product and complexity of it but generally around 5 days after your final approval of the design.

Mastak: for your perfect custom made handmade leather bags Lviv and other custom made leather goods

Mastak gives you a choice of the finest leather in various colors. Through extensive color palette you can choose the model that will be most functional for you.

Below you can see the founders of Mastak: Vitaly Halyas and Natalya Dovhanich (no need for Ukrainian, we speak English) and our workshop in Lviv.

Is there a perfect handmade leather product?

We have been looking for the answer and decided – there is none. Perfect leather products exist only in the head of its future owner, each is a personal project of each owner. So Mastak courages you to express your wishes in leather bags, briefcases, travel bags, backpacks. The combination of colors in each leather product you can always choose yourself.

Mastak has also produced leather accessories for hairdressers, hunters, collectors of coins and we regulary make passport covers and notebook bags.
We strive to expand our range of leather handicrafts. If your idea is not among our products Mastak always to accomodate to your wishes.

Order by mail or…. visit us and see how the goods are made, it is not far from the centre of Lviv.