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Mastak Workshop:

to buy a leather bag from craft production

All Mastak products are created in our workshop in Lviv. Mastak is a small creative workshop where our team works on all stages of creation a item – from the idea and development of product design to sewing. All Mastak products are handmade things, on each detail of which the master works, creating a product individually on your order. You can buy a leather Mastak bag or wallet in our showroom in Lviv or order a product with delivery to your city.

Things that are really created for you

The history of the Mastak workshop began in 2016 as a small family business and has grown into a real family of professionals who love the work they do. Each model created in our workshop is a special event for us, because in the design and details we embody not only our ideas, but the wishes of our customers. The Mastak product collection is limited in quantity, so buying a leather bag from Mastak means adding a truly exclusive thing to your wardrobe. You can always find the latest news about exclusive colors in our Facebook and Instagram and order a product in a special shade. Follow on Instagram.

Processes of sewing 

Each product in our workshop goes through all the sewing processes: from cutting to finishing of edges and using special oils for leather care. The product is cut by hands, therefore master checks in detail the entire piece of leather from which the product will be sewn. All details from the smallest button, edges, locks include also handwork of our masters. After sewing, the product undergoes final process of  polishing the edges and leather treatment with special care products. The edges of the product are additionally  treated with a special wax in order to keep the appearance of product for a long time.

With love to each item

The Mastak team not only creates things, but also wears and loves them. Therefore, it is important for us to make each model as comfortable as possible and without unnecessary non-functional parts. You will definitely notice it in every thing: from convenient locks under the valves to the reinforced bottoms in large bags, which allows to keep the bags’ shape. Also, all parts in each product are made exclusively of genuine leather. You can learn more about skin types and features of their care here.

We invite you to try on, look around and buy a leather bag, wallet or accessories  from Mastak in our showroom on Rynok Square at 29 Virmenska Street.

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