What is important?

Mastak leather products:

delivery / payment, warranty periods, terms of exchange / return

Learn all about leather products, features of colors and types of genuine leather. Also on this page, you will find information about the guarantee period and exchange / return rules, as well as details that are important to pay attention to when ordering a product via delivery.

вироби зі шкіри

Features of products

All Mastak leather products are designed and made by the Mastak team in our workshop in Lviv. All details are handmade and completely made from genuine leather. Inside, additional details include leather linings. The Oslo backpack also has an additional felt compartment for a laptop. We do not use any fabrics or other types of materials, as they will last less than the leather product itself. The leather we work with keeps its shape and is very durable. Therefore, Mastak products will serve you for many years.


What is important?, Mastak Leather: handmade leather goods

Leather types

In our catalog, you will find two types of leather products: vintage matte leather and smooth glossy leather.

Vintage matte leather is a type of crazy horse leather. Genuine leather with the effect of aging. What does it mean? During use, the leather becomes darker, the color more saturated, and gradually gaining a light gloss. All scratches that appear on it, are erased themselves. The appearance of leather products of this type is easily restored with Mastak care wax.

  • Why choose this type of leather? Mega-resistant, the use of a product made of it has no time restrictions (2, 3 or more years). Perfect for casual style and easy in combinations with any wardrobe style.

  • Why not choose? You are not a fan of vintage, and you want the leather product to always look the same.

  • Important: as the feature of vintage leather is the process of aging, we do not recommend wearing matte vintage leather with light clothes at the beginning of use. For fans of a white wardrobe, we recommend choosing a glossy type of leather.                                                                                                     

Glossy leather is genuine leather with a light glossy effect. This type of leather keeps its original color, does not change during use. Ideal for fans of classic, elegant style in clothing.

  • Why choose? Wear-resistant and ideal for combinations with a light wardrobe. Favorite for fans of classic leather goods. We recommend this type of leather if you choose a thing as a gift.

  • Why not choose? This type of leather demands avoiding deep damages.

Both leather types are very durable and practical in use. So feel free to choose the type that you like the most.

What is important?, Mastak Leather: handmade leather goods

Features  and care of leather products

Mastak works only with genuine leather. During use, the leather becomes softer, more elastic and may stretch a little. For example, wallets card slots will be quite tight at the beginning of use, and after a few days of use will take the form of a card.

Glossy leather products do not require any special care. Mastak wax and special colorless creams for accessories can be used to care for vintage leather products. We do not recommend under any circumstances to wash a leather product, and also to apply means which are not intended for the care of leather on accessories.

To order Mastak wax for vintage leather click here.

What is important?, Mastak Leather: handmade leather goods

Product color

The color of the product you see on the screen may differ slightly from the live color due to various factors:

  • Individual screen settings on your phone or computer.
  • Time and place of shooting the product: a photo on the street in a sunny day will be different from a studio photo or a photo from a workshop, a photo on a phone is different from a photo on a professional camera.
  • The difference in fabric leather coloring – the same color may differ in different periods due to the production process. We receive the finished color from the leather manufacturer. In case of significant differences in color, we will notify you and agree on the order.
  • We do not use additional filters for editing and apply only minimal photo correction. Each product in the photo is a product made in the Mastak workshop.

Video presentation of models and the latest photos you can always see on our Instagram page. 

What is important?, Mastak Leather: handmade leather goods

The guarantee period for leather products

According to the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Protection, the guarantee period of leather products:

30 days – leather accessories, leather belts, leather wallets.

50 days – leather bags and backpacks.

The guarantee period of leather products is valid for free replacement of fittings, locks, repair of seams andseparate leather parts. Guarantee repair does not include product pollution, damages of the product, parts of the product that were lost during use. Post-delivery of the product from another city for the guarantee repair is paid by the customer. In Lviv, for guaranteed repair, the product can be brought to our showroom on Virmenska st, 29.

After the guarantee period, we also repair the products at the minimum cost. Post delivery of the product for repair is paid by the customer.

What is important?, Mastak Leather: handmade leather goods

Terms of exchange/return

According to the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Protection, exchange/return of the product is possible within 14 days from the date of purchase. This is possible if the product has no signs of use, the packaging and the receipt with the date of purchase are saved. The seller has the right to refuse to exchange/return the goods for any signs of its use.

When sending products by Nova Poshta, the 14-day exchange-return period starts from the day the order is sent to the customer. For an exchange/return, the delivery costs are paid by the customer. Refunds are made within 3 days after the product is received and after managers checking the product.

No exchange and return options in the cases:

1)Products were bought  during promotions, sales or via promotional codes.

2)Individual orders, сustom made orders, orders with any changes  of size or with any aditional details.

What is important?, Mastak Leather: handmade leather goods


Product delivery and payment

  1. Products in Ukraine are delivered via Nova Poshta service after 100% prepayment of product. 
  2. Products ordered in Lviv to our showroom could be payed derictely in showroom.

Delivery in Ukraine is made via Nova Poshta service. Upon receipt of the product by Nova Poshta, please pay attention to:

  • safety of product packaging (we pack each product individually in a new package, we additionally wrap the box in stretch).
  • if the packaging and the product are damaged, make a report of damage of the parcel directly in the Nova Poshta department. All Nova Poshta parcels have an insurance amount during the time of delivery. Sum of insurance = product cost.
  • From our side, we guarantee that we send you new leather product, sewn in our workshop, which fully matches the photo and is packed in a new gift package. And of course we do everything to make you happy with Mastak products.

Delivery to other contries is possible as well. Please, contact us and we would provide information about delivery to your country.